EU-FINGERS Advisory Board met in October and November

The Advisory Board (AB) has been very active during the past last months. Members of the AB were split in three smaller groups and met online on 24 and 25 November to discuss about a possible preventive intervention promoting brain health, which would include lifestyle changes and taking a drug. The focus of the meetings was on key aspects of such intervention, which are being detailed in the upcoming EU-FINGERS Master Protocol. During the meetings, AB members discussed on how they feel about the level of commitment asked to participants in this type of clinical trials, and the flexibility and possibility of making choices when participating. The discussions were co-facilitated by Ana Diaz (Alzheimer Europe) and Francesca Mangialasche (Karolinska Institutet).

Another e-meeting was also organised in the context of the EU-FINGERS project and was co-hosted by Alzheimer Europe and Karolinska Institute. On 21 October, members of the EU-FINGERS Advisory Board participated in an informative event. A speech was provided by Prof Miia Kivipelto on the topic of brain health and risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia. This was followed by a very interactive Questions and Answers session between Prof Kivipelto and members of the Advisory Board.

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