EU-FINGERS held the 2020 General Assembly e-meeting

On December 14, the EU-FINGERS Consortium held the 2020 General Assembly e-meeting*, in which all partners of the consortium actively participated.

During the e-meeting, EU-FINGERS partners presented their research progresses and discussed ways forward. The discussion included the use of digital technologies and e-health solutions as part of EU-FINGERS’ methodology enabling tailored interventions for risk reduction and prevention of dementia and Alzheimer´s disease. The use of digital tools can support the delivery of preventive interventions, especially in circumstances such as the current pandemic, where in-person activities are limited, and lifestyle behaviours may be adversely affected by social isolation due to self-distancing.

Despite its inception during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, the EU-FINGERS Consortium has been successful in bringing forward the planned research activities. The Consortium has been also growing with the addition of new partners: the National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences and Semmelweis University in Hungary, and Luxembourg University in Luxembourg. The new partners enrich with expertise and data the planned EU-FINGERS activities and synergise European research efforts towards dementia risk reduction and prevention.

*Following national and international recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the EU-FINGERS Consortium has shifted all their in-person meetings to virtual meetings (e-meetings) until further notice.

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