EU-FINGERS in the 44th edition of the Dementia in Europe magazine

Our partner Alzheimer Europe has recently published the 44th edition of its Dementia in Europe magazine, which contains many important updates on European and national policy developments in the dementia field.

The magazine features an article on the recent collaborative event for #PublicInvolvement in European brain health research, held in Luxembourg. The meeting involved six European research projects that joined together in a series of consultations. The first consultation gathered members of the EU FINGERS, LETHE and Multi-MeMo Advisory Boards who met for the very first time in person. (pages 14-17)

“I really like to tell the Advisory Board members that with their contributions they do not only make our project better but they make us better scientists.”

Mariagnese Barbera

A dedicated EU FINGERS article looks back at our innovative project and the achievements to date (pages 18-19). EU-FINGERS achieved several milestones: first and foremost, the consortium has grown with the inclusion of three research teams, from Hungary, Luxembourg and Spain, thus becoming even more representative of the European landscape and maximising the impact of this JPND-supported project. The expansion enriched availability of relevant data, with a total of about 2.000 participants from preventive trials and over 16.000 participants from observational studies on brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Secondly, the consortium developed tools supporting new intervention studies and the launch of two novel multidomain interventions (MET-FIN- GER, FINGER-NL). These innovative clinical trials are testing the FINGER updated life- style intervention with the drug metformin /MET-FINGER) or medical food (FINGER-NL). Finally, engagement of citizens has been achieved, establishing an Advisory Board which provided relevant input to carry on the consortium’s work.

“We have developed innovative tools, which open new avenues in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia prevention, and we are testing them in pioneering trials.”

Miia Kivipelto

You can download the magazine here:

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