Interview with Professor Miia Kivipelto published in the Dementia in Europe magazine

Alzheimer Europe has published the 33rd edition of its “Dementia in Europe” policy magazine in an electronic format, for the first time. This decision was taken earlier in 2020, in light of some of the uncertainties around the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on service-providers. The first section of the magazine highlights some of the efforts to ensure dementia remains a European priority. It also includes coverage of the new JPND-funded EURO-FINGERS (EU-FINGERS) Consortium. Alzheimer Europe spoke to Professor Miia Kivipelto, Scientific Coordinator of EU-FINGERS, to discuss the consortium’s aims and expectations at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

EURO-FINGERS brings forward a successful research pipeline through a well-established European network. EURO-FINGERS will provide a common framework and align the main European cohorts in the Alzheimer´s disease field, to deliver results easily implementable in Europe. Additionally, EURO-FINGERS is closely linked to the recent World-Wide FINGERS initiative, aiming to test the FINGER multimodal precision prevention model in various geographical, cultural and economic settings.

-Miia Kivipelto

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