EU-FINGERS holds its General Assembly Meeting in Stockholm

On 21-22 November, the JPND-funded project EUFINGERS held its General Assembly Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. The event allowed members to meet in person for the first time since the project started in 2020.  Chaired by Professor Miia Kivipelto, the event brought together more than 30 delegates from the EU-FINGERS transdisciplinary consortium counting 11 partners from 7 countries.

Over two days, several sessions dedicated to the different work packages were held to discuss progress, ongoing activities and next steps. The General Assembly Meeting was a great occasion to exchange ideas and discuss important areas of collaboration moving forward.

The EU-FINGERS project has made huge progress thanks to the great commitment of the project partners. We would like to thank Karolinska Institutet for hosting the event, the EU-FINGERS coordination team, speakers and all participants who made the EU-FINGERS General Assembly Meeting an enjoyable and engagement event with interesting presentations and meaningful discussions.

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