EU-FINGERS was presented at the #32AEC conference

The 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference (#32AEC) “Building bridges” was formally opened on 17 October 2022 in Bucharest, Romania. The conference was held as a hybrid event for the first time ever, with delegates and presenters able to join either on site or online, thus making it as accessible, inclusive and interactive as possible. 544 participants from 42 countries attended the conference, which took place over three days, ending on 19 October 2022. On the agenda were over 250 presenters (187 oral presentations, 38 quick oral presentations and 63 poster presentations), who shared their research, knowledge and experience in an atmosphere of true collaboration and solidarity.

Francesca Mangialasche (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) presented a quick-oral presentation entitled “EU-FINGERS project: multimodal precision prevention for dementia in Alzheimer’s disease”. The presentation provided an overview of the EU-FINGERS project including its aims, partners and main results. She also presented the EU-FINGERS Advisory Board and the outcomes of the consultations that took place from the beginning of the project. Finally, she ended by pointing out that the WW-FINGERS Network is now composed of more than 45 participating countries.

We were glad that several members of the EU-FINGERS Advisory Board were in attendance and were able to join online.

If you were unable to participate in the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference #32AEC in October last year, you can now access some of the on-demand content from the event, free of charge. Videos of plenary and parallel presentations, as well as quick oral presentations are now available online. You can view further details and videos on the Alzheimer Europe webpage. You can also watch the videos in a specially-created playlist, on Alzheimer Europe YouTube channel. Francesca’s video can be viewed here.

Mark the dates of the next Alzheimer Europe Conference (#33AEC) in your calendars; “New opportunities in dementia care, policy and research” is organised from 16 to 18 October 2023 in Helsinki, Finland, where we will organise an EU-FINGERS session. You can find more information on the conference on the Alzheimer Europe website.

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